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351. Good Bye 2013

Reminder Time of KNU Campus Life

뉴스관리자 기자2013.11.01 10:48:12

Good Bye 2013

-Reminder Time of KNU Campus Life


By Kim, Su-yeon, Park, Hyo-eun, Reporter

kim_sy@knu.ac.kr, clsrn1502@knu.ac.kr


It’s hard to believe that the end of 2013 is so close! Even if it seems like time flies like an arrow, I’m amazed at how this time of the year brings back the memory of college life.

University life is the moment that a flower of life gives out its fragrance in the life of a person. Therefore, we have to arrange our past works and prepare for next year successfully. Here is a KNU student, an imaginary person, named Kim, Na-un. She is an ordinary female student of KNU. She writes her daily experience and thoughts of her school life almost every day. Let’s follow her diary that can remind us of campus life.


2013. 3. 15

 Recruitment on the street of KNU Clubs

My university started recruiting club members. Up till now, I have only made friends with people from the same department. Therefore, this was a great opportunity for me to meet people from various other departments. After literature class, I strolled with my friend to find a club that can attract me. At first, I entered the tennis club booth, but I couldn’t join because the training time did not fit my schedule. I felt there was something missing, because I wanted to learn a sport or something that can be my hobby.

At that time, my friend recommended me to the guitar club. I am interested in music, and I have my father’s old guitar. In addition, the club members were very nice, so I decided to join the club. Tomorrow is the orientation of the club. Finally, I became a member of a club and can communicate with varied people. Now, just the thought of it makes my heart flutter. I think this is the biggest romance of university life ;)      


2013. 5. 22

Spring Festival

The KNU spring festival has started! During the festival, I’m going to have fun and fully enjoy it. The event that made me excited was ‘The Big War of Solo’, hosted by the Healing Student Council, which gives an opportunity for single students to find someone to date. Wanting to make a boy friend, I participated in it.

 In the afternoon, ‘Jumak’, which is a highlight of the University festival, started. My role in the Jumak was cooking, so I tried to make delicious vegetable pancakes.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow because my favorite singer 'Rainbow' is coming to participate in the KNU festival. In addition, 'The Night of Kim, Kwang-suk', a concert in which various singers sing his songs in memory of him, is going to be held. For me, this is an opportunity to see a live performance.  I wish the days in university were always just like this!!


2013. 6. 5      

Group working is so hard

The weather was perfect and many couples were hanging around the campus. However these days I suffered from studying for final tests and group working. I like group working because it offers new relationships with group members. However, this time, it was very hard, because some group members do not get along well with other members. One student was always late for the meetings. Therefore, the schedule was continuously delayed. Another female student was like a dictator. She just ordered to others around. Group working should not be oppressive. The members should solve problems in a democratic way. I don't know how other members thought about me, but I hoped that my attitude for work was harmoniously associated with them. Finally, tomorrow is the day that our group will give a presentation and I'm so nervous :P


2013. 10. 29

Activities in and outside of school

The time hoes so fast and red and yellow leaves are hanging on the trees. Autumn has come already. My first year of university school days are coming to the end. However I didn't have many activities and experiences. Therefore, I have decided to participate in voluntary programs in KNU and other activities outside of KNU, because it is the right time for me to apply for activities in the second half of the year. I have already applied to be an ambassador of one corporation and next week is the final interview to become a selectee. At first, I thought activities that happen outside of school are not very important, and I only did school work like studying. However, as getting a job is becoming more difficult, corporations are starting to check applicant's specifications. Because of this fact, university students are having trouble with so called ‘spec’. In addition, students tend to look not at the whole forest but only at the small trees. This means that they don't have their final dreams. I think that we necessarily adapt to reality but we also have to have our life goals.  



- Graduation Ceremony & Entrance Ceremony


Every new academic year, freshmen start university life with a pounding heart, anticipating many joyful events in university life, while some graduate from university and start a new life as a member of society. KNU held ceremonies last March to celebrate all these people. About 4,900 students received degrees in the ceremony held in the Global Plaza. Meanwhile, the entrance ceremony for 7,700 undergraduates and postgraduates was held in the great playground.



- The Students’ General Meeting

It is important to have a Students’ General Meeting such as has been held over the last 11 years. More than 2400 students need to participate in order to hold the Students’ General Meeting. Thanks to the interest of many students, it was held successfully. The presented agenda was divided into four issues: safety, welfare, educational rights, and the merging of KNU with the Sang-Ju campus. The issues were selected by the majority of those present. After a long discussion between the dean of students and student representatives, decisions were made in the end.



- The Feast of KNU ( Healing & Killing Dae-Dong Festival )

- ‘The History of the Library over 60 Years’ was Published, Celebrating the 60th Birthday of the Library.

- The Main Gate of KNU Has a Facelift

 In order to make the main gate more accessible, the university authorities pulled down the wall about 480m from the east gate to the main gate and planted shrubs in its place. It also did extended the green space along the KNU central park to Ill-Chung-Dam fountain. The approach road to the main gate was expanded to four-lanes as it turned to the front entering the campus. A large stone, a new symbol of KNU, was engraved with the name ‘KNU 경북대학교.’ Pine trees from Sangju-City were planted around the stone, adding grandeur.



- KNU is Selected in BK21 Plus Business



- Remodeling of the Auditorium

- The Day of KNU People

- The KBS Reality Show “1 Night 2 Days” came to KNU!

 Last September, the university was noisy because the news spread around the students that ‘1 Night 2 Days’ would film in KNU. A ‘1 Night 2 Days’ team came to KNU in order to find out about the school life of a national university. Members of the cast were actor Ju-Won, Yu Hye-Jin and comedian Lee, Su-geun. They played foot volleyball with the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering and interviewed club members. They explored KNU all day and students were excited to see entertainers in the school campus.



- Univ Expo

- International Program Session

 Today, being a globalized person is a great assignment for university students. KNU is also offering many programs for developing global students. Last October, a session giving information about these programs was held in the auditorium. After listening to a session, we could get information from several booths, explaining about exchange programs in various nations and run by international groups like KSA, Buddy and KAFC. Through this, we understand about international programs more deeply.


<Interview with KNU students>

Looking back on 2013…


Lee, Kwang-min ( Dept. of High Polymer Engineering, Sophomore )

 2013 was a very busy year to me. It was the first semester in which I returned to university after being discharged from the army. I had many concerns about my responsibilities as a student representative. However, thanks to the cooperative junior and semior classmen, I passed a really meaningful, fruitful semester. I also went to many places to play with my friends during the summer vacation. In 2013, I made a lot of good memories. Although there is only one month left in 2013, I’ll try and make the most of it!


Kim, Jung-hye (Dept. of Economics & Trade, Sophomore )

2013 was the year in which my major was finally decided. In fact, I started 2013 without any specific, well-organized plan. I just wanted to get good grades in my major in 2013. But after joining a club and participating in a welfare committee and encouragement foundation executive, I’ve had busy but meaningful days. Although I have participated in many activities, I feel regretful about not keeping up with my acquaintances closely. So I hope to meet people more sincerely in the upcoming year.


 Winter has slipped upon us and 2013 has passed too soon. We experienced a lot of things in 2013 and these helped us to grow up. 2013 is not finished yet, so we have to spend the remaining month more delightfully and fruitfully!

. ‘Carpe Diem!’

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