367. Cure One's Heart with Food, Food Art
Currently, a number of people living busy lives are suffering from mental disorders such as depression. To take care of these problems, a new method called food therapy has appeared. In this article, the writer will examine what food therapy is, and interview a food therapist for in-depth information.What Is Food therapy?Food Therapy is a… [2017-09-11 02:01:48]
367. Be a Part of Nature
Air Busan airline launched its newest route to Mongolia last year, following Korean Air, and many travel agencies are developing new tour programs for the increasing number of tourists. In this article, I will introduce my trip in Mongolia and describe some tourist attractions.Why Mongolia?Last year, I too… [2017-09-06 17:29:07]
366. Inflamed Hemorrhoids: Unwanted Friend
People nowadays are accustomed to using smartphones.According to The Korean Society of Coloproctology, 49%of Koreans tend to check smart phones on the toilet. Thereport says that a typical person with a smartphone in his orher hands on a toilet tends to spend more time there than aperson without it. This bad habit can caus… [2017-05-11 19:01:07]
366. Starry View in the Starry Night
As we go through the hectic schoollife, we can feel the night air is no longer cold, so the weather is perfectfor a leisurely stroll. Let's visit two hot spots for night views created byartificial lights, yet as beautiful as a starry night sky. It would be unforgettableto watch the night scenery.Apsan ObservatoryA… [2017-05-11 14:09:21]
365. Wake Up Your Body, Make Your Day Up!
I lift my heart as spring lifts upA yellow daisy to the rain;My heart will be a lovely cupAltho' it holds but pain.For I shall learn from flower and leafThat color every drop they hold,To change the lifeless wine of griefTo living gold.-Alchemy by Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)Are you enjoying the springtime? Even if you are having difficultyconcentrating during… [2017-03-03 19:13:26]
365. Bus to Our History
The Koreapeninsula has been home to many civilizations from Gojoseon(2333 BC-108 BC) to theRepublic of Korea (1948-). Many civilizations have been established and have perished,just like the rising and setting of the Sun. Daegu, a city surrounded by threemajor magnificent mountains, Palgong, Sobaek, and Taebaek, is standing stilla… [2017-03-02 20:44:32]
364. The Heart of Joseon Dynasty Attracting Tourists
Touristsvisiting the palaces of the Joseon Dynasty have greatly increased. The CulturalHeritage Administration announced that, in the first half of 2016, the numberof visitors of the four palaces and the Royal Ancestral Rite of Joseon Dynastyhas increased by 21.5% compared to 2015. Moreover, some eve… [2016-11-08 17:41:32]
364. A Soft Winter with Rice Soup
Acold wind blows outside as winter hascome, and Koreans’minds turn to dishes with hot soup like Rice Soup. Although Rice Soup hasusually been regarded as a food which the elderly enjoy eating, it is alsoextremely popular on campus. This is because Rice Soup is an easy and tastytreat at a cheap price, making students feel wa… [2016-11-07 12:35:12]
363. Greeting the Season of Book Cafés
Imagine sitting in a comfortable chair, reading a book and sipping adelightful drink. The summer heat washes away in September, and trees sway inthe refreshing wind. Autumn truly is a fine season for reading, and one of theways to satisfy the desire to read can be found in the book cafés located atthe North Gate of Kyungpook Nationa… [2016-08-29 08:53:49]
363. Find Your Appetite in SeoMun Night Market
In the ten days following the opening of SeoMun Night Market on June 3, 2016, itwelcomed a million visitors. The night market aims to revitalize not only SeoMun Market, but also the regional economy. Itbecame easier to visit the market in terms of public transportation after a newsubway line opened, which contributesto an increase in the numbe… [2016-08-29 08:51:29]