368. Create Your Space in YouTube
YouTube is an online hubof contents that spreads culture worldwide, entertains viewers, and helpsgather information easily. As the digital content industry expands and as morepeople dive into the field as a career, the contents are becoming more diverseand professional. In addition, there are new jobs derived from YouTubecrea… [2017-11-16 15:47:38]
368. Pesticide Eggs 
So Called “ThePesticide Egg Incident” The first outbreak of Pesticide egg didnot start from Korea. It started from a report in Belgium on July 19th2017. Later on, many other countries became aware of such immoral acts anddecided to investigate on such events. There are many reason in which suchincident had happened in Korea. How… [2017-11-15 00:42:05]
368. North Korea’s Provocation: What Should the World Do?
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea(North Korea) has been causing fear internationally by experimenting withnuclear devices and launching various missiles. Our society was already payinghuge attention to North Korea’s moves when in August of this year, a missilelaunched by North Korea flew over Japan and landed near… [2017-11-15 00:40:43]
Basic Information on What We Call as THAAD Abbreviation ’THAAD’ stands for‘Terminal High Altitude Area Defense’, which is an American anti-ballisticmissile defense system that can counter altitudes up to one hundred and fiftykilometers. The idea of building a weapon that could counter ballistic missilewas first raised after 1991, experienc… [2017-11-15 00:40:37]
367. Edible Insects: a New Eating Plan
In Korea before the 1970s, chrysalises were popular snacks, and people used to share fried grasshoppers with their neighbors. However, the practice faded with time. However, the world’s population will soon reach 9,600,000,000 and food production will have to double. Edible insects may not be the only solution to this issue, but they ca… [2017-09-12 14:21:02]
367. Dark Tourism
Tourism has become a favorite recreation for modernpeople who dream of breaking away from everyday life. As time goes by, tourismis showing up in various forms. In the past, people usuallyenjoyedviewing spectacular natural scenery and visiting cultural heritage sites. Sincethen, tourism has been transformed into taking trips to find pla… [2017-09-08 17:43:44]
367. Diversity Is Our Strength
“To those fleeing persecution, terrorand war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is ourstrength.” This comment was posted on Twitter by Justin Trudeau, the PrimeMinister of Canada. Since Donald Trump became president of the United States onJanuary 20, a strong anti-immigration policy has been enforced. Th… [2017-09-08 17:34:37]
367. “Anaki,” Parental Love and Anxiety
A shockingpicture was revealed last April, showing a baby’s face covered with scabs. Thebaby was known to be suffering from atopic dermatitis and was according to “Anaki”principles : Leaving the baby alone even when he or she continuously scratcheshis or her face. This picture raised… [2017-09-07 03:01:17]
367. Albino’s Arm for a Lucky Charm?
Human rights inhistory have been achieved by blood and tears. Memories of slavery, theHolocaust, and many other dark incidents constantly remind us never to repeatsuch misery. Despite constant reflection and the passing of time, human rightsare still being abused. Some people with albinism live in fear, as their bodyparts are hu… [2017-09-07 02:59:46]
366. The Three Tenors
Jose Carreras, one of the three most famous tenors in the world alongside Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, arrived in Korea for his final world tour. The tour ‘A Life in Music’ expresses gratitude to worldwide audiences who have shown great affection and support for him over the years. “Retirement? I have been singing for 47 years… [2017-05-13 14:00:27]