367. For the Improvement of Your Life: 3 Important Facts I Have Learned
MostKNU students are living busy lives due to studying, doing their work or tryingto achieve their goals. A hard-working life is admirable, but sometimes itmakes you exhausted. That’s why I would like to give you some tips in makingyour life more enjoyable and in achieving your goals without draining you… [2017-09-11 02:06:53]
366. Is Together Better than Alone?
Enjoyingbeing alone has become one of the new trends among university students inKorea. This implies that it is natural to grab a bite, take a course, and drinkalcohol by oneself. This solo trend has produced newly-coined words: hon-bap, dok-gang, and hon-sul respectively. Such a trendpartly challenges the conventional wis… [2017-05-10 13:12:58]
365. Wishing You a very ‘Happy New Year’!
2016 was such a chaotic year for Korea. Many issues on the news wereconstantly in the public eye. They were much more dramatic than any moviescenario, and there were so many of them that I could not even attempt to writedown everything on one page. Therefore, I chose three stories that continue tohave a strong influence on Kor… [2017-03-02 19:57:21]
364. You Can See Yourself in Your Writing
We live in an age of self-expression. We can express ourselves and communicate with a variety of people easily through social media, blogs, and instant messaging applications. However, we are not likely to have enough time to ‘communicate with ourselves’. What is communication? Is it simply talking to yourself? This can be true, but th… [2016-11-07 12:29:21]
363. Small Changes Make a Big Difference!
At the startof the year, many people make New Year’s resolutions. These vary from person toperson, but they usually aim to make this year better than last year. Now, ithas been half a year since we made them. Did you turn your resolutions into realityduring last semester? Did you make the new habits you wished for? Probably,most of you would… [2016-08-29 03:40:50]
362. New Circumstance, New Aptitude
“What is your aptitude?” Wheneverwe hear this question, it is a little difficult to answer clearly because theconcept of aptitude is so abstract. We might define our aptitude by comparing ourability with that of others, or we might connect it to an occupation. However,the person who wins a writing contest only have an aptitude for writing? Does a… [2016-06-18 17:01:49]
361. The Power of 15
Nowadays, thenumber of people who failat managing their anger and have big mistakes has increased. It has become anew social issue. According to some research, reported by Korean Academy ofPsychiatry, more than half of Korean adults have trouble controlling theiranger, and one out of ten people need medication and care… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]
360. Readers with Critical Thinking
The advent ofsmartphones has made it possible for people to be constantly exposed to newsanytime and anywhere. Obtaining information has become easier than ever, butreaders need to be critical in what they understand from their gatherings. Asmost media often give out articles without sufficient explanation or backgroundinform… [2015-11-24 20:46:54]
359. A Worthwhile Apology
Apologizing is likely to hurt your pride or to cause damage, but is inevitable in regaining the trust in a broken relationship between imperfect human beings with mistakes. Such case can be found in even a simple relationship between two friends or couples. The problem here is that offenders often hesitate tochange when apologizin… [2015-08-25 09:41:48]
352. How Can We Control the Limited Time We Have?
How Can We Control the Limited Time We Have?By Kim, Su-yeon, Editor-in-Chiefkim_sy@knu.ac.krThe New Year started and people welcomed 2014 with hopeful mind. The word 'new' always pumps my spirit and maybe everyone feels the same way. However, when you recollect last year, don't you regret anything? Didn't you miss doing important thing… [2014-04-01 10:39:23]