367. Be a Part of Nature
Air Busan airline launched its newest route to Mongolia last year, following Korean Air, and many travel agencies are developing new tour programs for the increasing number of tourists. In this article, I will introduce my trip in Mongolia and describe some tourist attractions.Why Mongolia?Last year, I too… [2017-09-06 17:29:07]
366. Starry View in the Starry Night
As we go through the hectic schoollife, we can feel the night air is no longer cold, so the weather is perfectfor a leisurely stroll. Let's visit two hot spots for night views created byartificial lights, yet as beautiful as a starry night sky. It would be unforgettableto watch the night scenery.Apsan ObservatoryA… [2017-05-11 14:09:21]
365. Bus to Our History
The Koreapeninsula has been home to many civilizations from Gojoseon(2333 BC-108 BC) to theRepublic of Korea (1948-). Many civilizations have been established and have perished,just like the rising and setting of the Sun. Daegu, a city surrounded by threemajor magnificent mountains, Palgong, Sobaek, and Taebaek, is standing stilla… [2017-03-02 20:44:32]
364. The Heart of Joseon Dynasty Attracting Tourists
Touristsvisiting the palaces of the Joseon Dynasty have greatly increased. The CulturalHeritage Administration announced that, in the first half of 2016, the numberof visitors of the four palaces and the Royal Ancestral Rite of Joseon Dynastyhas increased by 21.5% compared to 2015. Moreover, some eve… [2016-11-08 17:41:32]
363. Greeting the Season of Book Cafés
Imagine sitting in a comfortable chair, reading a book and sipping adelightful drink. The summer heat washes away in September, and trees sway inthe refreshing wind. Autumn truly is a fine season for reading, and one of theways to satisfy the desire to read can be found in the book cafés located atthe North Gate of Kyungpook Nationa… [2016-08-29 08:53:49]
362. 三三五五: Gather by Twos and Threes
In general, mostmovies are restricted by regulations in production, distribution, and promotionby major production companies. The Independent Movie genre has appeared as away of seeking an escape from these regulations. It aims to make moviesfaithful to the writer’s spirit, and it usually takes… [2016-06-18 17:00:49]
361. Footsteps of Modern History
Daegu Jung-gu Street Tour is known as one of the most successfulcity tours in Korea. Street Tour Course 2 (Modern Cultural Street) is the mostfamous among five courses in the tour. According to Korea Tourism Organization,Daegu Jung-gu street tour was picked as one of the 100 tourist attractionKoreans should visit. In the course 2, ther… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]
360. Hyangchon Cultural Center
Hyangchon Cultural Center is one of the historical spaces in Daegu. It is located in 449, Jungangdaero, Junggu, Daegu (Hyangchondong). During the Japanese occupation, the center and the areas surrounding Daegu Station suffered from exploitation as a result of the urban reorganization. Ne… [2015-11-24 20:48:29]
359. Tour Daegu by Subway Line Number Three
One of the most revolutionary and controversial changes in Daegu, 2015 is the opening of subway line number three. After the openings of subway number one and two in 1997 and 2005, it took 10 years to operate the third one. The subway line number three which completed its construction on July, 2009 runs for 30 stations in 48 minutes. It is ex… [2015-08-25 15:07:20]
352. Bang Bang! Shoot a Gun
Bang Bang! Shoot a Gun: Daegu Shooting RangeBy Park, Hyo-eun, Reporterclsrn1502@knu.ac.krAre you sick of the typical date or meeting where you just eat lunch, watch movies and drink alcohol or coffee? Don’t we have other entertainments in Daegu? The Daegu Shooting Range located in Chilgok is a refreshingly different day out! The Da… [2014-03-31 15:15:45]