364. A Soft Winter with Rice Soup
Acold wind blows outside as winter hascome, and Koreans’minds turn to dishes with hot soup like Rice Soup. Although Rice Soup hasusually been regarded as a food which the elderly enjoy eating, it is alsoextremely popular on campus. This is because Rice Soup is an easy and tastytreat at a cheap price, making students feel wa… [2016-11-07 12:35:12]
363. Find Your Appetite in SeoMun Night Market
In the ten days following the opening of SeoMun Night Market on June 3, 2016, itwelcomed a million visitors. The night market aims to revitalize not only SeoMun Market, but also the regional economy. Itbecame easier to visit the market in terms of public transportation after a newsubway line opened, which contributesto an increase in the numbe… [2016-08-29 08:51:29]
362. Japanese Homemade Food Restaurants
It has been a longtime since Japanese food has became cosmopolitan. If you are especially activein Social Network Services (SNS) such as Facebook and Instagram, you might seethe pictures of Japanese homemade meals. The visual and cost effectiveness arethe reason why people seek… [2016-06-18 17:01:09]
361. Bread Tour in Daegu
The saying ‘Koreans live on rice’ has become old-fashioned as many people are now making do with bread instead of rice in their busy daily lives. With this increasing number of people consuming bread as their staple food, a wider variety of breads are being provided to satisfy the specific markets. Along with this trend, Daegu has o… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]
360. A Guide to Vegeterian
These days, manypeople are interested in being vegetarians and there are even vegetariancelebrities like Lee Hyo-ri and Song Il-guk. Many non-vegetarians thinkvegetarians only eat vegetables and fruits, but there are many types ofvegetarians. Vegans only eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and gra… [2015-11-24 20:47:52]
359. Rebirth of Drinks : Colorful or Novel
Café culture is one of the trends in Korea. A café is a meaningful place not only to drink coffee but also to rest alone or have a talk with others in one place without burden. Nowadays, café culture is more diversified. Rather than huge multinational cafés like Starbucks, small cafés providing drinks for a… [2015-08-25 15:04:25]
325. Chicken Tour
Chicken TourBy Lee, Seung-wha, Kim, Min-ji, Cub Reportersbigteen@knu.ac.kr,iuui21@knu.ac.krDo you like chicken? Many people love to eat chicken at some point of the week. People often eat it to celebrate a special day, to drink, or just to enjoy it. The crunchy and crispy taste is unforgettable. It is no exaggeration to say that chicken is one… [2014-03-31 15:25:45]
351. Visiting Restaurants in Bukseong-ro
Visiting Restaurants in Bukseong-roBy Lim, Hyo-jung, Reporterdlagywjd317@knu.ac.krIf citizens of Daegu were asked to identify the center of Daegu, most people would answer ‘Dongseong-ro’ without hesitatation. However, Donseong-ro cannot be the center of Daegu in literal terms. The meaning of its name is “the road in an easterly dire… [2013-11-01 13:42:02]
350. In The Café, There Is More Than Coffee!
In The Café, There Is More Than Coffee!By Park, Hyo-eun, Lee, Young-sun, Reportersclsrn1502@knu.ac.kr, sunny20@knu.ac.krThe Café is one of the places that university students visit frequently. Now there are many kinds of cafes around us which have similar designs and menus. As autumn comes, you may feel like enjoying a cup of coff… [2013-09-01 14:01:55]
349. I am Slightly Hungry. Let's Go to the Tteokbokki Road!
I am Slightly Hungry. Let's Go to the Tteokbokki Road!- Tteokbokki restaurants around KNU North Gate. By Kim, Su-yeon, Reporter kim_sy@knu.ac.kr"I'm getting hungry." "I'm dying of hunger!"... People experience hunger several times a day. However, it is hard to eat food like rice, pasta, pizza, and steamed chicken whenever they feel hunger. These… [2013-06-01 14:14:28]