368. North Korea’s Provocation: What Should the World Do?
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea(North Korea) has been causing fear internationally by experimenting withnuclear devices and launching various missiles. Our society was already payinghuge attention to North Korea’s moves when in August of this year, a missilelaunched by North Korea flew over Japan and landed near… [2017-11-15 00:40:43]
367. Diversity Is Our Strength
“To those fleeing persecution, terrorand war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is ourstrength.” This comment was posted on Twitter by Justin Trudeau, the PrimeMinister of Canada. Since Donald Trump became president of the United States onJanuary 20, a strong anti-immigration policy has been enforced. Th… [2017-09-08 17:34:37]
367. Albino’s Arm for a Lucky Charm?
Human rights inhistory have been achieved by blood and tears. Memories of slavery, theHolocaust, and many other dark incidents constantly remind us never to repeatsuch misery. Despite constant reflection and the passing of time, human rightsare still being abused. Some people with albinism live in fear, as their bodyparts are hu… [2017-09-07 02:59:46]
366. Overall Outlook of THAAD
On February28, 2017, the Ministry of National Defense made an agreement with the Lotte Corporation,which decided to offer land for the deployment of the Terminal High AltitudeArea Defense (THAAD). In response to this agreement, China has been takingvarious economic, diplomatic, and military measures against the Koreangovernment as w… [2017-05-12 00:17:24]
366. Nuclear Energy, Is It Really New and Clear?
Nuclearenergy has been utilized around the world, but the dangerous risks involvedhave come to light after nuclear accidents such as those in Fukushima andChernobyl. The two regions are still radioactively contaminated, and there havebeen many nuclear accidents in other countries as well. In the case of Korea,the danger is… [2017-05-12 00:15:07]
365. The Broken Dream
The Arab Springwas a series of anti-government protests and uprisings against dictatorshipsand political corruption. This revolutionary wave began on December 17, 2010 inTunisia and spread throughout much of the Middle East and North Africa. Sixyears after the Arab Spring, however, the situation has changed greatly. Manycountries… [2017-03-02 22:46:16]
364. Burkini Ban: Secularism? Or Islamophobia?
Since last August, France has been under a dispute over the ban on burkinis. The burkini is a mix of bikini and burqa. The burqa is a garment covering the whole body and is worn by Muslim women. The argument on this swimwear has spread to bigger issues such as violation of human rights, religious discrimination, and France’s ho… [2016-11-07 13:05:33]
363. Free Wi-Fi, Link NYC
When youwalk on the street, not having mobile data could cause great discomfort whenyou need instant internet access. If you do not have time and money to goinside anywhere that provides Wi-Fi, what will you do? In New York, this is noproblem. You can find everything you want on the road there. AboutLink NYC“Link NYC” is a multifunction… [2016-08-29 12:53:54]
362. Losing Weight by Fat Tax?
Thesedays, the cooking and culinary programs on television are scoring high on theratings charts, sweeping people off their feet. Many people get recipes fromthem and follow them closely. However, many critics have raised concerns aboutthe overuse of sugar in the programs, which leads to diabetes, obesity, andother adult dise… [2016-06-18 17:01:43]
361. Curse of Super El Niño
The Korean four character idiom 'Sam-han-sa-on' which means a cycle ofthree days cold and four warm days has become useless since the current warmwinter has posted the highest temperature in 42 years. This situation is due toEl Niño. El Niño is a warm ocean current that flows along the equator from thedate line, raising sea leve… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]