367. Campus Police and Efforts for better Security
Being and feeling safe is essential in sustaining thequality of life. As you can see in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where the needfor safety occupies the second floor, without being secure, it seems it wouldbe hard to pursue higher stages of human needs. However, to be safe fromviolence is not an easy task to achieve. It could be… [2017-09-12 07:37:59]
366. A Step Toward Better University Housing
How many people areperfectly satisfied with University Housing? For years, complaints andquestions have been raised continuously but there has been lack of proper dialogbetween the Office of University Housing and the residents. The KNU Times feltthe need to stop this one-way notification and to arrange a venue forcommunication… [2017-05-11 23:25:28]
365. Keeping Pace with the Needs
When strolling through the campus, you caneasily find at least one building in construction. Currently, three buildingsare under construction. Since the constructions have been going oncontinuously, students in KNU are even getting used to the inconveniences theycause. However, some students, especially freshmen, do not k… [2017-03-03 19:05:27]
364. Finding a Job with the Career Development Center
Moststudents of Kyungpook National University (KNU) will have received some textmessages or emails, which provide various kinds of information regarding jobs.They are offered by the Career Development Center in KNU, which offers supportfor students in finding work. However, it is also true that a lot of studentsmight not know about the facility… [2016-11-07 12:35:20]
363. The Student Counseling Advisor System
In the depth ofthe unemployment crisis, universities are struggling to find the way forward.One result is the Student Counseling Advisor system, which requires students in Kyungpook National University to consult with theiracademic advisors. Some students are satisfied with this system, while othersare not. If you are curious about this insti… [2016-08-29 23:09:47]
363. KNU Press, Creating Value through Publication
No matter what your major is, thereare some classes every student in Kyungpook National University (KNU) has totake: Freshman English 1, Freshman English 2, and Korean Writing. All books forthese classes are published by Kyungpook National University Press, which is thepublishing department of KNU. Since it was established on Novem… [2016-08-29 03:42:08]
362. Unknown Aspects of KNU Alumni
When one thinks of a school reunion, in general, oneonly considers it as a meeting to promote old friendships. However, KyungpookNational University (KNU) alumni’s work includes not only promoting friendship,but supervising cultural events and managing the Hyoseok ScholarshipFoundation. T… [2016-06-18 03:31:55]
361. More than just a Donation
Is forced volunteering work helping anyone? Korean students are obligated to do 60 hours of volunteer work in their high schools. Also, it is common to see that university students just do volunteering work to build up their career. Volunteering can be considered as meeting mandatory community service requirements for some students w… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]
360. Special Courses in Sangju Campus of KNU
When you register for courses, you might haveever been embarrassed to recognize that the classes which you want to enrollare in Sangju Campus of Kyungpook National University. On March, 2008, SangjuNational University merged with KNU, and it became Sangju Campus of KNU sincethen. However, many students do not have enough fu… [2015-11-24 20:48:01]
359. Receive Help from KNU Career Development Center
According to Statistics Korea, the youth employment rate is increasing continually and reached 10.2% in June. Many enrolled and graduated students find employment information from the Internet and office workers, but sometimes they get incorrect information and advertisements. Luckily there is a resource – the KNU Career Development C… [2015-08-25 15:15:03]