366. Attitude towards the Unknown, Artificial Intelligence
Throughouthistory, humans have had a tendency to simplify the tasks they were given. Theytried to find new methods to satisfy their needs. Gradually, after manyinnovative inventions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created to ultimatelymeet human’s desires. Currently, most of the tasks that humans can do aremimicked by AI. One of them is the o… [2017-05-12 18:22:26]
365. Abortion: Choice or Murder?
There hasbeen a heated debate, not only in the West, but also in Korea, on abortion andits various aspects. In December 2016, in Seoul, some people helddemonstrations in a Korea’s “blackprotest” movement, requesting full legalization ofabortion.They also requested that the Korean government withdraw laws that couldincrea… [2017-03-03 17:18:23]
364. Tell Me Your Stories about Drinking
Since earlytimes, alcohol has been a good friend to humans, as Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is proof that God loves us andwants us to be happy”, and every KNU student may try this evidence of God’slove. Drinking alcohol discloses many human emotions and people have theirunique habits when they get drunk. In this section, six… [2016-11-06 22:05:32]
363. Campus Life, The Gap between Expectation and Reality
Ideals and goals – these add vivid colorto our lives on campus. Thus it is meaningful to recall our original expectationsfor university life, before jumping into reality. Here are some questions thatwill take us to the heart-throbbing excitement and enthusiasm of joining in awhole new situation:What were yourexpectations of campus life and… [2016-08-29 08:56:56]
362. A Small Smartphone! Big Impacts?
The smartphone haschanged everything. It started as a technological advance and has become anecessity for our everyday lives as a way of communication. We can get accessto wireless internet and use a variety of applications on it. It is soconvenient that we rely on it too much sometimes. What if you got rid of yoursmartphone for… [2016-06-18 17:01:24]
361. What is Your Recommendation for a Travel Destination?
“The early bird catches the worm”. If you are planning to go on a trip, fix these words in your mind. Most airlines and accommodations offer promotions for travelers making early reservations. Now is the time for upcoming summer travel arrangement. However, do not forget that nothing can be prepared without first choosing a fine destination… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]
360. Let me tell your ____ class for non-major students.
Hwang, Su-ho / School of Mechanical Engineering, Junior Creative EngineeringI want tosuggest an interesting class called “Creative Engineering.” This teaching stylestarts with creating cars using candles. However, the most interesting point inthis class is that we have to try to solve the problems and actualize thesolutions with engin… [2015-11-24 20:48:22]
359. Fulfilling Experiences of KNU Students
This is the time people need to get out of a rut and regain their ardor. To live a passionate life, it would be inspiring to listen to the experiences of others who are living like that. In this section, KNU students will tell you about their experiences that they put a great effort in and felt excitement and fulfillment.Venmathi Maran Ph.D.(Institute for Phylog… [2015-08-25 15:10:11]
352. If You Were to Go Back to Being a Freshman What Would You Do?
If You Were to Go Back to Being a Freshman What Would You Do?-Advice for 2014 Freshmen of KNUBy Yim, Ji-young, Yoon, Ji-young, Cub Reporteryoung106@knu.ac.kr, yjymimo@knu.ac.krMartin Mrzyglod (Dept. Korean Studies Chinese Studies, Junior, Exchange Student)Participating in MT (Membership Training) was the most precious memory in my fres… [2014-03-31 15:09:53]
351. Fashion People in KNU
Fashion People in KNU-Your Styles and Stories about Fashion-By Lee, Young-sun, Reportersunny20@knu.ac.krHan Ah-Reum, Dep. of Applied Biology, SeniorI usually buy clothes on the internet shopping mall or shops on the road. Expensive clothes do not make fashion by themselves. Sometimes two people in the same clothes look totally… [2013-11-01 13:36:51]