367. Interview with "This is Democracy"
Even if you are not really keeping track of what is going on in our school, you would have heard of the name “This Is Democracy” as this club has been actively participating in democracy related issues since the Park Geun-hye corruption scandal. However, even though many students have hea… [2017-09-11 02:01:57]
367. Let’s Get It
These days, it is easy to see students who put jobs, certificates and tests before their dreams, only to face the harsh reality of unemployment problems. Ha, Jin-young, who majors in Economics and Trade in KNU and works as a club DJ of VALV, chases his dream and studies at the same time. The K… [2017-09-06 17:07:48]
366. Have Tireless Enthusiasm for Your Dream!
The word‘universe’ means everything. As a ‘university’ student, do you think you aredoing your best to learn everything? Before answering that question, think seriouslyabout what studying means to you. Professor, Ko, Sung-hoon said that learningis what makes himself and human beings happy through seeking the truth. The KNUT… [2017-05-10 13:13:10]
365. Would You Like a Hug?
Korea and Japan are geographically close, butstill they are far away each other from a psychological point of view. Evennow, the Korean-Japanese relationship is worsening due to various problems suchas the issue of Korean "comfort women", Shinto worship, historicalawareness, and Dokdo. Being influenced by the worsening Kor… [2017-03-03 10:07:53]
364. Keep Yangnyeongsi as an International Herbal Market
Nowadays, an increasing number of people prefer natural things to artificial ones. This encourages the development of oriental medicine, which is environmentally friendly and safer to humans. In Daegu, Yangnyeongsi has been a major herbal market since 1668 in the Joseon Dynasty. Furthermore, as oriental medicine products are pa… [2016-11-07 13:00:49]
363. The Man Who Traveled to 228 Universities all around Korea
The Man Who Traveled to 228 Universitiesall around Korea -Choi Ji-wook, Yeungnam University, Department of Media and Communication -By Park, Su-yeon, Reportersuyeon7586@knu.ac.krThere are a lot of universities to choosefrom in Korea, but students generally make their choice based on their gradesand eligibility for entrance. Choi Ji-wo… [2016-08-29 14:42:16]
362. What Is Your Spoon?-The Economics of Inequality
We cannot talk about the Korean election without talking abouteconomic growth and distribution. Is the Korean government killing these twobirds with one stone? Here is an interview with Professor Lee, Joung-woo whowrote The Economics of Inequality andhas lectured in Kyungpook National Unive… [2016-06-18 03:32:24]
361. One of the Winners of the Talent Award of Korea in KNU
So-jin, Shim, astudent in Kyungpook National University (KNU), was awarded the Talent Award ofKorea in 2015. She has studied communications and signal processing areas, andshe participated in the IT tour program of the telecommunications companyQualcomm in the US as the youngest and the best. Furthermore, she developed am… [2016-03-02 00:00:00]
360. The Contributor of English Education in KNU
Professor AndrewFinch has written many books related to English education for non-nativespeakers, including Freshman English 1 and 2, published by KNU Press. He servedas a professor in the Department of English Education at Kyungpook NationalUniversity (KNU) for fourteen years, until he retired… [2015-11-24 20:47:45]
359. Achieve Reunification Peacefully
From May 6th to 8th 2015, Gyeongbok region foreign teachers traveled from Ullengdo to Dokdo. The purpose of the visit was to spread the awareness that Dokdo is Korean territory and train foreign teachers to be Dokdo ambassadors overseas. This visit was conducted by the Kyungpook National Unive… [2015-08-25 15:04:38]