368. Pesticide Eggs 
So Called “ThePesticide Egg Incident” The first outbreak of Pesticide egg didnot start from Korea. It started from a report in Belgium on July 19th2017. Later on, many other countries became aware of such immoral acts anddecided to investigate on such events. There are many reason in which suchincident had happened in Korea. How… [2017-11-15 00:42:05]
Basic Information on What We Call as THAAD Abbreviation ’THAAD’ stands for‘Terminal High Altitude Area Defense’, which is an American anti-ballisticmissile defense system that can counter altitudes up to one hundred and fiftykilometers. The idea of building a weapon that could counter ballistic missilewas first raised after 1991, experienc… [2017-11-15 00:40:37]
367. “Anaki,” Parental Love and Anxiety
A shockingpicture was revealed last April, showing a baby’s face covered with scabs. Thebaby was known to be suffering from atopic dermatitis and was according to “Anaki”principles : Leaving the baby alone even when he or she continuously scratcheshis or her face. This picture raised… [2017-09-07 03:01:17]
366. Reseller: Buy to Sell?
As seen in the disturbance of “2013 New Balance Cherry Blossom Product”,“2015 HM-Balmain Collaboration”, and “2016 Starbucks MD Product, CherryBlossom”, desire of consumers to purchase popular or rare items is tremendous.Reselling implies the act of abusing the consumer’s eagerness to buy products.‘Resellers’ sell their pro… [2017-05-11 15:39:49]
365. Looking Back, for a Better Future
What words could possibly describe the disappointment, outrage, and betrayal the South Korean government has bestowed on its people? Credibility has fallen to a new low. The Park, Geun-hye and Choi, Soon-sil Gate focuses on allegations that President Park, Geun-hye allowed Choi, Soon-sil to have unauthorized access to govern… [2017-03-03 19:02:39]
365. The Youth Cry for Jobs!
Newly coined wordscan be good mirrors of society. For instance, Spec, which came from job specification, has been on everyone’slips since the mid-2000s. This term includes educational background, GPA, TOEICscore, and many experiences such as studying abroad, volunteering, winningcontests and working as an intern. This… [2017-03-02 20:30:20]
364. The Age of Kim, Young-ran Law
In Korea, when some people happen to havedifficulties with government agencies, they have been using theiracquaintanceships rather than following legal procedures. They have beenserving expensive meals or giving presents to people in power in order to gettheir support, even if it is hard to say that they received something inr… [2016-11-08 17:12:16]
364. What is the Biggest Change of Public Education System in Korea?
The FourthIndustrial Revolution refers to the next industrial revolution to enhance workefficiency by fusing manufacturing with Information and CommunicationTechnology (ICT). To deal with this revolution, the Korean government hasdeclared that Korea will be a Software-Oriented Society, where software (SW) isa center of innovation, growth, a… [2016-11-07 14:24:34]
363. Unfairness Behind the Book’s Price Tag
It seems that the Korean book industry has become more successful internationally, since Han Kang‘s novel The Vegetarian won the 2016 Man Booker International Prize. However, the low payments provided to Korean authors for their work are causing concern. This is because some well-known… [2016-11-07 12:25:41]
363. Is Kakao a Public Enemy?
Kakao Corporation and Daum Communications Corporation, Korea's two most-tracked IT firms, officially announced their merger in May, 2014, becoming a new industry giant valued at close to ten trillion won. The merger was such that Daum, the country's second-largest search engine, took over Kakao, which is the provider of the popular m… [2016-11-07 12:25:19]