366. The Three Tenors
Jose Carreras, one of the three most famous tenors in the world alongside Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, arrived in Korea for his final world tour. The tour ‘A Life in Music’ expresses gratitude to worldwide audiences who have shown great affection and support for him over the years. “Retirement? I have been singing for 47 years… [2017-05-13 14:00:27]
366. Attitude towards the Unknown, Artificial Intelligence
Throughouthistory, humans have had a tendency to simplify the tasks they were given. Theytried to find new methods to satisfy their needs. Gradually, after manyinnovative inventions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created to ultimatelymeet human’s desires. Currently, most of the tasks that humans can do aremimicked by AI. One of them is the o… [2017-05-12 18:22:26]
366. Overall Outlook of THAAD
On February28, 2017, the Ministry of National Defense made an agreement with the Lotte Corporation,which decided to offer land for the deployment of the Terminal High AltitudeArea Defense (THAAD). In response to this agreement, China has been takingvarious economic, diplomatic, and military measures against the Koreangovernment as w… [2017-05-12 00:17:24]
366. Nuclear Energy, Is It Really New and Clear?
Nuclearenergy has been utilized around the world, but the dangerous risks involvedhave come to light after nuclear accidents such as those in Fukushima andChernobyl. The two regions are still radioactively contaminated, and there havebeen many nuclear accidents in other countries as well. In the case of Korea,the danger is… [2017-05-12 00:15:07]
366. No Stress? Know Stress!
The most frequently used exotic word among Koreans is‘Stress’. Even a newly coined word, ‘sibal expense’, means money that peoplewould not have wasted, if they were not stressed. As we can see, stress is abig problem among Koreans. We’ve all experienced stress, but what is it? Toanswer this question, we will see what stres… [2017-05-11 23:35:00]
366. A Step Toward Better University Housing
How many people areperfectly satisfied with University Housing? For years, complaints andquestions have been raised continuously but there has been lack of proper dialogbetween the Office of University Housing and the residents. The KNU Times feltthe need to stop this one-way notification and to arrange a venue forcommunication… [2017-05-11 23:25:28]
366. Inflamed Hemorrhoids: Unwanted Friend
People nowadays are accustomed to using smartphones.According to The Korean Society of Coloproctology, 49%of Koreans tend to check smart phones on the toilet. Thereport says that a typical person with a smartphone in his orher hands on a toilet tends to spend more time there than aperson without it. This bad habit can caus… [2017-05-11 19:01:07]
366. Reseller: Buy to Sell?
As seen in the disturbance of “2013 New Balance Cherry Blossom Product”,“2015 HM-Balmain Collaboration”, and “2016 Starbucks MD Product, CherryBlossom”, desire of consumers to purchase popular or rare items is tremendous.Reselling implies the act of abusing the consumer’s eagerness to buy products.‘Resellers’ sell their pro… [2017-05-11 15:39:49]
366. Let’s Win the Game with Korean Characters!
Nowadays, E-sports has become a part of the Korean wave, alongwith K-POP and Korean dramas. For most of the overseas game users, Korea isregarded as a powerful nation for video games. This is because Korean E-sportsteams have almost always won the world tournaments, and there are famouspro-gamers such as Lim, Yo-hw… [2017-05-11 15:35:55]
366. Starry View in the Starry Night
As we go through the hectic schoollife, we can feel the night air is no longer cold, so the weather is perfectfor a leisurely stroll. Let's visit two hot spots for night views created byartificial lights, yet as beautiful as a starry night sky. It would be unforgettableto watch the night scenery.Apsan ObservatoryA… [2017-05-11 14:09:21]