367. Edible Insects: a New Eating Plan
In Korea before the 1970s, chrysalises were popular snacks, and people used to share fried grasshoppers with their neighbors. However, the practice faded with time. However, the world’s population will soon reach 9,600,000,000 and food production will have to double. Edible insects may not be the only solution to this issue, but they ca… [2017-09-12 14:21:02]
367. Campus Police and Efforts for better Security
Being and feeling safe is essential in sustaining thequality of life. As you can see in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where the needfor safety occupies the second floor, without being secure, it seems it wouldbe hard to pursue higher stages of human needs. However, to be safe fromviolence is not an easy task to achieve. It could be… [2017-09-12 07:37:59]
367. For the Improvement of Your Life: 3 Important Facts I Have Learned
MostKNU students are living busy lives due to studying, doing their work or tryingto achieve their goals. A hard-working life is admirable, but sometimes itmakes you exhausted. That’s why I would like to give you some tips in makingyour life more enjoyable and in achieving your goals without draining you… [2017-09-11 02:06:53]
367. Interview with "This is Democracy"
Even if you are not really keeping track of what is going on in our school, you would have heard of the name “This Is Democracy” as this club has been actively participating in democracy related issues since the Park Geun-hye corruption scandal. However, even though many students have hea… [2017-09-11 02:01:57]
367. Cure One's Heart with Food, Food Art
Currently, a number of people living busy lives are suffering from mental disorders such as depression. To take care of these problems, a new method called food therapy has appeared. In this article, the writer will examine what food therapy is, and interview a food therapist for in-depth information.What Is Food therapy?Food Therapy is a… [2017-09-11 02:01:48]
367. Change and Innovation: The Future of Finance
Nowadays, our societyhas been heading for the fourth industrial revolution through development ofthe mechanical engineering of the third industrial revolution. The fourthindustrial revolution is a new trend in the 21st century that aims to enhancecorporate competitiveness through the converge… [2017-09-09 12:15:10]
367. Dark Tourism
Tourism has become a favorite recreation for modernpeople who dream of breaking away from everyday life. As time goes by, tourismis showing up in various forms. In the past, people usuallyenjoyedviewing spectacular natural scenery and visiting cultural heritage sites. Sincethen, tourism has been transformed into taking trips to find pla… [2017-09-08 17:43:44]
367. Diversity Is Our Strength
“To those fleeing persecution, terrorand war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is ourstrength.” This comment was posted on Twitter by Justin Trudeau, the PrimeMinister of Canada. Since Donald Trump became president of the United States onJanuary 20, a strong anti-immigration policy has been enforced. Th… [2017-09-08 17:34:37]
367. “Anaki,” Parental Love and Anxiety
A shockingpicture was revealed last April, showing a baby’s face covered with scabs. Thebaby was known to be suffering from atopic dermatitis and was according to “Anaki”principles : Leaving the baby alone even when he or she continuously scratcheshis or her face. This picture raised… [2017-09-07 03:01:17]
367. Albino’s Arm for a Lucky Charm?
Human rights inhistory have been achieved by blood and tears. Memories of slavery, theHolocaust, and many other dark incidents constantly remind us never to repeatsuch misery. Despite constant reflection and the passing of time, human rightsare still being abused. Some people with albinism live in fear, as their bodyparts are hu… [2017-09-07 02:59:46]