Comments on No. 342
Kwon, Mi-yeon (Dept. of Architecture Engineering) I didn’t know that there was an English school magazine. It surprised me with the contents. The KNU Times has many different sections. I think this magazine will help KNU students a lot by giving them useful information. Now that I know about the existence of The KNU Times, I will read it regular… [2012-03-13 15:12:22]
Comments and Suggestions on No.339
I have read all themany issues of the KNU TIMES so far, but the last issue (No. 339) was quite special to me because my writing was on in that issue! I once again thank the KNU TIMES for giving me that wonderful opportunity. There were many interesting articles in No. 339 issue and one article that caught my eyes was the Review section. I learne… [2011-05-14 00:39:18]
Comments & Suggestions on No. 334
Whenever I read The KNU Times, I never get disappointed as this magazine is always full of useful and interesting information. Even if there were a few mistakes in the last issue, it was easy to read thanks to adequate pictures in the right places. At this point, I’d like to offer some of my comments and suggestions on the last issue. First of all… [2010-03-02 23:56:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.333
When I first saw the cover page of the KNU TIMES, it looked simple. However, upon flipping through the first pages, many beautiful pictures caught my eyes. IThe issue No. 332 was categorized into mainly 5 different themes. At first, ‘Discovery in life’ had many stories related to people and culture. Especially, In Energetic Joker in Music show: sin… [2009-11-02 00:00:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.332
The KNU Times has already published its third issue of 2009. When I started to write the review for No.332, I thought that it would be fairly easy to write comments and suggestions. However, I now feel much responsibility in writing this review, because I realize that many people read the articles in The KNU Times more carefully than I thought. So I re… [2009-09-04 00:00:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.331
First of all, I’m very happy to be selected as an enthusiastic reader. I wanted to write a very specific and detailed review concerning Edition No.331, so I read and thought about it over and over, before putting things down in writing. I hope my opinions can contribute to The KNU Times, even a little. In general, I thought that this edition included… [2009-05-06 00:00:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.330
Comparing edition No.329 of the KNU Times with No.330, the articles in No.329 were mainly focused on affairs in KNU and the lives of students. However, No.330 seemed to take a wider view, dealing not only with issues related to our own campus, but also representing larger interests - society, education and local government - and so it was able… [2009-03-02 00:00:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.329
The KNU Times has many sections designed to meet the various preferences of KNU students and edition No.329 did not disappoint us our expectations with its awesome cover design. Despite the excellence of every article in this issue, I am only able to comment on some exceptionally impressive parts of articles, due to lack of space.… [2008-11-01 00:00:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.328
Two magazine editions of The KNU Times have been published and the 1st semester of 2008 has also passed by. The KNU Times has been responding to criticism and drawing on wide sources of information during that time, so I’d like to suggest my opinions and about the magazine format. The KNU Times (No.328) came up to my expe… [2008-09-01 00:00:00]
Comments & Suggestions on No.327
The new government is pouring out reforms to the nations English education policy, and because of this, the issue of learning the English language has became a matter of common interest to most students. When preparing to review the articles of edition No.327, I realized that many students in KNU are being influenced by the new pol… [2008-05-01 14:14:27]